TMD-AGS - Die Casting Foundry

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Die casting foundry  is built due to increased  market requirements of this type of products and wish of the founders and investors to create new production capacity that would produce intermediate goods that would be transformed into a finished product in some Gradacac's factorys  which are mostly engaged in machine processing. In this way, would be enployed up to 100 new and minimum 200 of indirect workers in the foundry. It will be also made some final products in the foundry, ie castings that are requireing minimal machine processing will be completed in the foundry, into machinery finished product.

Preparations for launching the project of construction lasted from December 2007 till July 2008 , and then has started first building works and in the same time the first group of workers went to the monthly training facilities in the company CIMOS PPC Buzet.

In a very short period from July 2008 until April 2009 were completed the main construction works and,set and launched smelter and two automatic lines for casting, and shortly thereafter are made first castings. This was followed by the intensive training of workers. In May 2009 were sent the first trial samples manufactured for CIMOS group on approval. In last quarter of the  2009 TMD -AGS has been approved as supplier for Cimos.

Our mission is to be a reliable supplier of aluminum castings for the automotive industry, household appliances industry, furniture industry, radiator element, industry of machinist's hand tools (grinders drills ...) etc., and ,in over the next five years,to become a recognizable brand in this branch of metal industry